Virtual Immersive Scientific and Technological Applications
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Visualization technology allows architects to build their designs in 3D and freely navigate them in an immersive environment. This gives them the feeling of being really inside these places.

Educational visualization is using a simulation normally created on a computer to create an image of something so it can be taught about. This is very useful when teaching about a topic that is difficult to otherwise see.

Information Visualization is a research field that aim to use modern 3D computer graphics techniques to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical means.

Computer Visualization technology can use medical imaging data to build detailed 3D models that can be used for diagnoses, research and educational purposes. Similar technologies were used to train Surgeons and to simulate and plan for future surgeries.

3D computer visualization techniques are used to convert Molecular dynamics simulation results into a visual formal that is more useful and easier to undestand.

Virtual Cultural Heritage is a research field that aims to use modern computer graphics and image processing techniques to document, investigate, preserve and reconstruct archeological and architectural objects.