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Medical Visualization

01 Nov 2007 - 01 Feb 2009

 Medical Imaging is one of the main techniques that physicians depend on in their diagnosis and research. This technique is used to create 2D images of the human body that include details of the internal parts. Traditionally, physicians examine a series of such 2D images and try to imagine how the internal parts look like. However, the rapid development in Medical Imaging, which involves advanced computer science techniques, allowed for providing much better means of analyzing medical images.

The Vista team is currently collaborating with a group of Egyptians doctors and physicians to investigate how virtually immersive technology can be of use to Egyptian physicians and medical researchers. The team has started by visualizing some of the different parts of the human body from DICOM data using Avizo®. Some of the results are shown below.
One slice from a set of CT slices of a scanned heart. The data is in the DICOM format.
The results of constructing the heart from the given DICOM data.
The user has used the software editing tools to remove all the parts around the heart then examine alone.

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Medical Visualization

Computer Visualization technology can use medical imaging data to build detailed 3D models that can...