Virtual Immersive Scientific and Technological Applications
The main objective of the project is to produce a new generation of EG archeologists capable of performing efficiently in the field of cultural heritage. This is achieved by improving the teaching quality of relevant courses, integrating new IT technologies, introducing advanced graduate courses building on new IT-based system and eliminating the shortcomings of the current teaching methodologies. Integrating 3D virtual reality and IT technology in the teaching of cultural heritage courses is expected to yield these objectives. 3D stereoscopic virtual reality models for the cultural heritage sites shall be developed and embedded in the courses, such that students shall be able to virtually explore and be immersed in all heritage sites in EG, which are virtually linked to global database.
As part of the international DIVERSE community, the Vista team is currently developing a version of the VMD which allows for using DIVERSE (which is an open source application). This version will allow VMD to be totally open source in both desktop and CAVE modes.

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