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Bibliotheca Alexandrina Virtual Museum (BVM)

01 Jan 2014 - 01 Dec 2015

BA Virtual Museum (BVM): The project aims to allow visitors and researchers to take a virtual, self-guided tour of the BA antiquities museumIt’s a unique insight to the museum where the user of the application gets to explore the antiquities thoroughly and at his/her own pace. The application gives the opportunity for anyone interested in archaeology or history to get all the needed information about the artifacts in the museum. It provides a  closer look at the objects from every corner, which is not always accessible in a real life tour.Latest technologies such as 3D scanning are used to ensure a realistic experience down to the tiniest detail. 

The application’s features include:

  • Manipulating 3D collection objects of the museum
  • Changing the direction and color of light sources
  • Taking measurements, creating cross-sections and making comparisons between similar artifacts
  • Reconstruction of old monuments that has some damaged parts.
  • Taking you back in time to the original place where the artifacts were first discovered.
  • Translation of ancient inscriptions engraved on the object.
  • Providing additional information, images and videos related to the monument.