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Climate Change Visualization

01 Jan 2010 - 01 Jan 2011

As mankind keeps burning fossil fuels, more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. This caused earth temperature to increase significantly over the past few years. Temprature changes has direct impact on Earth's air, water, and land, because they are all linked to climate. This caused drastic changes in wind and rain patterns, ice melting and sea level rising. These changes will affect people, animals, and ecosystems in many ways and can have great influences on economy. Less rain means less water in some places, while too much rain can cause flooding in other places. More hot days can dry up crops and affect people and animals health. It's a global matter that requires everybody's collaboration and a lot of scientific research.
This application uses the 3D immersive technology to visualize the effects of climate change. It has modules that visualizes ice cover, wind patterns, sea leves and and other climate aspects. The application uses readings and observations from past years and shows expected changes through the coming years. It's a great tools to increase the public awareness of the climate change and to help reasearchers and decision makers.

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