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Theory Visualization

26 Mar 2006 - 27 Nov 2007

The application of Losch theory visualization is developed in the VISTA as an example of theory visualization.

This theory deals with the natural development of settlements into farms, villages, towns, etc. Using the VISTA, researchers are now able to virtually view the growth of these settlements.

 Settlements begin

August Losch suggested that the beginning of any urbanization process starts with the inhabitance of small settlements in certain points. These settlements expand over time into farms, in a fan shaped pattern. Later on, around the original settlements, towns start growing and eventually farms spread out too. This is followed by cities emerging in the place of settlements, villages and towns . After a while, the appearance of suburbs, and then their growth, goes parallel with the cities’ growth. However, at some point, the suburbs continue growing but the cities declines.

 The appearance of towns and villages 
Finally Metropolis shapes up and the urban sprawl becomes unstoppable. These expansions lead, at the end, to the founding of a conurbation.

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