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Cave System

The CAVE was the first technology of virtual reality in the world. It is an advanced display system of the size of a room. Using stereoscopic projection together with high-resolution 3D computer graphics, an illusion is created which makes the user feels that he/she is immersed in a virtual environment. This helps the user to have better perception of visualized data, which makes the CAVE system a useful utility for more informative results.

Technical details of the CAVE system in Bibliotheca Alexandrina:

  • Fakespace Flying FLEX™. The configuration includes 4 screens (3 walls and a floor), each of them is 10 feet X 10 feet. The right screen is flexible.
  • Digital Projection HIGHlite 8000Dsx projection system (4 projectors).
  • Cluster Machines:
    • 1 server xw8200 hp machine: intel ® Xeon ® processor CPU 3.6 Ghz – 2GB memory.
    • 4 client xw4300 hp machines: Intel Pentium D processor 940 CPU 3.20 Ghz – 1.5 GB memory
    • Nvidia Quadro® FX 4500 in every machine of the clients and the server.
  • Stereoscopic glasses
    • 10 pairs of STEREOGRAPHICS CE 3, Eyewear, Crystal Eyes 3. Each glass uses STEREOGRAPHICS IR Emitter, 24V DC, Stereographics Version EXXR.
    • 18 pairs of MACNAUGHTO 60GX-G5, Eyewear, Nuvision Wireless
  • Interaction Tools
  • Sound System
    • JBL Control 25AV SPEAKER, 5", 100 Watts, 8 Ohm, Black
    • JBL E250P/230 POWERED SUBWOOFER, 12" Driver, 220V UK
    • DENON DN-V300, Professional DVD player
    • DENON AVR-2106, AV Surround Receiver